Our company is good ad development and production of pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates. Date:
2-Amino-4-methylbenzothiazole ...
Sodium bisulfate
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  Add: Chemical Park, Chuzhou District, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, China
Contact: Mr. Ni +86-13905116718
                Mr. Han +86-18651268988
Trade Hotline:Mr. Fu +86-15312321313
                    Mr. Wang +86-13770478962
Tel: +86-517-85399628
Fax: +86-517-85399638
URL: http://www.zebxri.tw
E-mail: [email protected]
P.C: 223229
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Huaian Dongyu Chemical industry Co.,Ltd. ,founded in 2006, is the technology development enterprise which is good ad development and production of pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates, and is located in chemical park of Chuzhou
district in Huaian city and enjoys convenient transportation. The plant
covers an area of 40,000 square meters, and owns 100 more employees
including 86 technicians. The company sets up development center,
multi-functional production workshop, analytical testing center and others,
and always insists on management philosophy of high technology, high
quality and high standard. We possess strong technical power, full
management system, safe equipments and others.

At present, our development and production chemicals involve in agriculture, pharmaceutical, organic synthesis and other fields. Meanwhile, we develop and apply patent products and patent technology with independent intellectual property rights. Top large-sized production equipments, advanced manufacture technics and stable better products can show our manufacture ability.

We still produce high quality 2,3-Dichloropyridine, Sodium bisulfate, Pymetrozine and other products. The company still establishes good cooperation with many famous chemical, pharmaceutical and pesticide enterprises.

For years, the company has got long development on creating reputation of products, and constantly sets up our image and creates our cultural range. We still absorb foreign high and new technology and advanced management methods and experience, and have formed the team with management, technology, production, sale, purchase and others. to set up good HR foundation for our sustainable development.

The company takes optimizing product structure as foundation and technology innovation as power, and owns strong market competitiveness. We always dedicate to technology innovation, and adhere to business philosophy of all for customers, and strive to become the large-sized private internationalization modernization enterprise with fine chemical priority. Welcome domestic and external customers to contact us, and create better future.

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